Saturday, May 30, 2009

Space: The Final Fronteer

This is a brand new kit!
There is much more in the kit than I could actually show.
What I do display I am hoping will be tempting enough to d/l the kit.
The paper is displayed next but there is only one d/l link for it all.


Bet said...

How cute! Thank you so much!

Diana said...

I just love this kit. I am going to use this one in future. I want to take my niece to Kennedy Space Center and this would be perfect for scrapping that visit. Thanks so much. First cute space kit I have seen. Have a great day.

CM2 said...

How clever ... haven't seen anything like this set and as I have 2 little grandsons ...I will tuck it away to be used at a later date! TY CM2 ^o^